Saturday, 19 February 2011

Silence of the Sisterhood - part 2 - Conception

The decision to have a baby is probably the most exciting part.  It seems thrilling, illicit, downright sexy to make love with absolutely no barrier between you. 

Intimacy – nothing comes close until you embrace the man you love with all of your body, all of your hopes, and all of your self.

Well, let me rephrase.  It’s the most exciting part till you realise that despite 4 consecutive days of sex, you should probably do it for another 5 days “just to make sure”.  Not so exciting now.  Duty, effort, function.  Of course it remains enjoyable darling, of course it was great, but you both feel so obligated to your future child to give him or her every chance to come into being that love becomes sex, slightly mechanical.

Gradually, you notice that your husband looks really tired.
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