Saturday, 19 February 2011

Silence of the Sisterhood - part 4 - The First 2 Months

The First 2 Months

Without realising, you are already 4 weeks pregnant, and you never even knew.

You break the news to your partner – ideally not in a trans-continental phone call, but I never have been able to keep a secret – and you tell your best friend because you know that you are impatient, impulsive and often downright reckless and it could be a good idea to have someone around to rein you in.

Its amazing people don’t notice.  You wear your pregnancy like a secret.  I swear any “glow” you get is the smug satisfied smile of the cat who knows she just ate all the cream, but wants to stay and watch what happens when the other cats find out.

It’s amazing people don’t notice.  You pee.  Frequently.

It’s amazing people don’t notice.  You puke.  A lot.  Really, I should have just put my office in the toilets, cos I really wasn’t consuming enough calories to keep running back and forth.  You hide mouthwash in your locker.  You start to leave work earlier because at each day you feel as if you have fallen into a narcotic stupor.

It’s all perfectly natural you tell yourself.  The books you have bought explain how this is the baby’s greatest period of growth.  Well no wonder I feel knackered – my body is in shock.

You tell yourself this, and you believe it.  It won’t last long.

Really, you should know better.
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