Friday, 11 March 2011

10 Things I Hate About .......driving in Lincoln

10 Things I Hate About ..... driving in Lincoln

  1. how the traffic doubles when it rains - get an umbrella people!  And all you lazy kids, WALK to school
  2. there's always a bus / tractor / lorry / van / truck willing to get in your way and drive veeeeery slowly
  3. the drivers who think it is their right to barge out of a side street ... right in front of where your car was about to go
  4. the merry mothers who let every man and his dog into the queue of traffic that you are stuck in and which is seriously impeding your ability to get to work on time
  5. the Pelham Bridgers who deliberately choose the wrong lane to get ahead of the traffic and then assume you'll let them back into the one they want to be in when they have to move back into your lane.  No.  You can sit there and wait forever as far as I'm concerned - you shouldn't have tried to jump the queue.
  6. the arseholes who block roundabouts so that the whole thing gridlocks - especially at South Common
  7. the genius who created Tritton Retail Park ... on a route that already gets gridlocked
  8. the multi-story where even your car has to go on a diet to fit into the bay
  9. if the schools aren't on holiday, don't even bother.  And finally ......
  10. if one route in/out is f****d, they're all f*****d
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