Monday, 20 June 2011



Rolling In The Deep – unquestionably the stand-out moment, a spine-tingling duet of accusation and suppressed tension.  Acapella has never sounded so brutal

Forget You – the moment the Gwyneth doubters became fans – a little bit of Glee spin and the song rocked in a way it never had before.  If you didn’t want to get up and dance when you heard this, you were officially in a coma

Teenage Dream – a genuine “take your breath away” moment as the Warblers totally reinvented La Perry’s ode to the flush to the love

Landslide – another Gwynnie moment, beautifully caught somewhere between country and rock and pain

Go Your Own Way – “Rachel Berry is taking it back” and did she ever – amidst the suggestive smouldering at Finn, Fleetwood Mac became relevant again

When I Get You Alone – if you grinned as widely as I did as the Warblers serenaded the Gap dude, you’ll know why this number stood out – effortless vocals with on-the-money moves

Born This Way – not so much the song itself or the copycat interpretation – for everything that went before it: 60 mins of teenage angst, self-loathing and finally, acceptance.  When everyone, including Emma, revealed their T-shirts, it was a total triumph

Raise Your Glass / Bills Bills Bills / Hey Soul Sister – sadly, the Warblers provided most of the highlights of the season, fearlessly reinterpreting modern classics, swapping genders and generally breathing a different life into it.  Each of these was a mile-wide smile in its own right

Loser Like Me / Light Up The World – I was very dubious about the originals, but there’s no doubt they became iconic moments of the series, getting the audience – and us – on our feet

Toxic – the early standout.  Monochrome, largely acapella, utterly reinvented – sheer genius

One final note.  In a series that was over-long, the musical genius of Glee lost its way through most of the middle third.  The joy of discovering  Santana was lost amidst too much Sam and Quinn below-par mush, and although the Warblers shone, they shouldn’t have.  It took until the final 6 episodes for Glee to recover its feet and throw out some world class tunes.  It’s only when you look back that you realise what could have been - Mercedes and her large voice were lost, sacrificed in the mix.  Really, was it worth it ?

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