Sunday, 31 July 2011

Nail Fun - Splatter 31st July 2011

Nail Fun

Nail Fun is all about having fun with your nails.  Layering it, splattering it, making pretty patterns with it … it’s the most fun you can have on your own with a child in the house !!  J 

SPLATTER  FUN 31.07.11

So, let the official first Crumpet nail splatter begin J

The tools you need – base coat and top coat.  Lots of newspaper as this WILL make a mess.  At least 3 straws, and scissors to keep trimming the messy ends off.  Nail varnish remover.  Either an old top or a top you don’t mind attracting the odd bit of splatter! 

Colours – it’s all about contrast.  For my base colour I chose OPI’s Skull & Glossbones, an off-white colour.  And for my splatters, I chose 5 polishes by Zoya – Paige, Dawn, Demi, Mira and Quinn (this is the order they appear in on the left hand; I reversed the order for the right hand).

You'll see that all of the nails have splattered a little differently.  So, i have learnt - to create a great big blob splatter (such as the left middle finger or the right index finger) hold the straw really close to the nail and absolutely vertical - this means the nail varnish doesn't have far to drop and literally explodes.  To get the more squiggly splatters you need to blow from further away and at a slight angle - these are the ones that go EVERYWHERE.

 The purple one- MIRA - is my favourite, purely for the way it has splattered.  It also provides a great contrast to the base colour.

When I did the right hand, the purple landed ALL over the nail as I had the straw a little too close.  I managed to tone it down by splattering some of the base colour over the top and then dabbing it - just about rescued it I think.

And just to give you a laugh - this is what your hand looks like before you tidy it up with nail varnish remover.

Have fun - you CANNOT go wrong with a splatter mani, AND it's fun :) 

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