Sunday, 7 August 2011

10 Things I’ve learnt about Nail Varnish ….

10 Things I’ve learnt about Nail Varnish …..

  1. It’s mainly about OPI and Zoya.  And China Glaze.  Unless you want glitters and shiny things (when you call in the cheap yet mighty Color Club), but I’m getting ahead of myself
  2. OPI is the best for consistency and ease of application – it goes on smoooooth baby.  And it has the best brush
  3. ZOYA has the best choices of colour, especially if you are a purple-addict (like moi) or love your pinks
  4. Nail varnish is like the candy store for grown up girls
  5. Shatter is SUCH fun.  Personally, I think the China Glaze ones are the best, but that’s just me J
  6. There is a whole world of glitter, opalescence, holo and shimmery wonder that I thought ended with primary school art lessons.  Wow, nails can be fun
  7. There are some seriously talented nail bloggers out there who know how to water marble, splatter mani, franken, konad and loads of other magical mayhem
  8. If you don’t know what any of the above means, You Tube ALWAYS has the answer J
  9. My blogging queens are My Simple Pleasures, Glitta Gloves, Kayla Shevonne, Scrangie, The Polish-Aholic, Let Them Have Polish and Painting Rainbows to name a few
  10. Nail varnish is FUN.  That’s f-u-n.  It’s like being 6 years old again but with better arts and crafts and better hand-eye co-ordination (until you need to use your “wrong” hand).  And it’s sooooooo pretty

Some of the above you'll agree with, and some you won't - the joy is that you;ll form your own opinions through playing, experimenting and above all, having fun. 

Have fun my lovelies J

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