Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nail Fun - Alternative Volcano

Nail Fun

Nail Fun is all about having fun with your nails.  Layering it, splattering it, making pretty patterns with it … it’s the most fun you can have on your own with a child in the house !!  J 


So, I haven’t had much success with Grey Crackle (I use CG’s Cracked Concrete).  Their silver, I love, their black, I love, the purple and the pink, I likey and refuse to give up, but the grey … well it just seems to make everything dull.

I’ve tried it with light colours – just makes them look dull.  I’ve tried it with dark colours – just makes them look dull.  I’ve even tried it over bright colours – guess what?  Made them look DULL.

Then I saw a wonderful post from Let Them Have Polish which I am unfortunately not clever enough to hyperlink.  She had layered Cracked Concrete over 4 horizontal stripes of yellow, orange, pink and violet and it looked AMAZING.   Suddenly it looked cool, shiny and subversive, so I had to try.

Having tried it against purple before and hated it, I opted to keep to the yellow-orange-red theme.  2 layers of each of the 4 stripes.  20 mins to dry.  Thick and fast CG on top.

Voila – and I likey A LOT.  Even so, it’s not as beautiful as it’s inspiration, and I can’t help but think it will look just as good with black, so I’m still undecided on whether to keep the grey.

My fave 3 fingers, because the cracks were so wiiiiiiiiide.  

Let me know if you’ve done a fab mani with the grey J

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