Thursday, 18 August 2011

Nail Fun - The Cling Film Splatter Marble Mani

Nail Fun

Nail Fun is all about having fun with your nails.  Layering it, splattering it, making pretty patterns with it … it’s the most fun you can have on your own with a child in the house !!  J 


So, splattering I love, and I play away to my heart’s content, and marbling I love but oooooh no no no no no cannot master.  Grrrrrr.  Then, last night as I was falling asleep I had a master idea ….

The plan was to splodge various blobs of colour on the nail, and then squash them down with cling film so that they bled into each other, creating something a little more random than a marble, and a little bit more “spread” than a splatter.  And actually, it didn’t go badly at all ….

So, step one – apply base coat and blob your nail.  Blobs should not be too small else they won’t bleed into each other, and partly you’re trying to achieve some sort of artful swirly mess !

Next, press down with a small strip of cling film.  This does require care – you can leave fingerprints in the varnish if it’s too thin (although that did look cool too).  A tried to avoid leaving fingerprints by prodding with a pencil, but that tended to lift off the colour AND the base coat, so Don’t Do That !

You’re then left with a lovely splodge on your cling film which you can then apply to the next nail … clever huh.

Mostly, I was experimenting with fire colours, and it still needs some finessing.  But it’s a good start.  On Monday I’ll show you how it looked when I wowed it up into a finished look J

Happy nailing J

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