Thursday, 18 August 2011

Nail Fun - Franken Time !! Raindrops? Pah!

Nail Fun

Nail Fun is all about having fun with your nails.  Layering it, splattering it, making pretty patterns with it … it’s the most fun you can have on your own with a child in the house !!  J 

Franken Fun …. It’s all The PolishAholic’s fault !!

This is actually my 3rd Franken, but the 1st I have been asked to share.  My first was a copy of Rebecca’s Cupcake Franken, and then I added some large silver glitter to OPI Mat-adore Red to create my second.

This one though required a bit more thought and thanks for all of you who chipped in with ideas.  So, ladies this is UNDOUBTEDLY The PolishAholics fault lol.  Earlier in the week she posted an amazing swatch of Illamasqua’s Raindrops and as usual, my reaction was “I want that.”  EBay for once let me down, and the more I stared at its soft grey glimmer, the more I wondered if I could make something similar enough to make me go “Ooooooh”.  So I did.

1 large empty OPI bottle (by the way – when I rinsed it out with acetone, the wand started to split near the brush – is this normal, was the acetone too brutal?).

I bottle of Rimmel DISCO BALL glitter.  It was only 8ml and decanted beautifully into the larger bottle, and this was my first big lesson.  The more “air” you have in your bottle, the better it all mixes, and the more room you have to experiment.  When I tried to do Cupcake I had to keep emptying mix OUT of my bottle as it wouldn’t shake – not good!

I then added some OPI Nail Envy that was going to waste (not much, maybe  2-3mm worth).
Whilst Raindrops was my inspiration, I wanted to create something that was soft grey, but  a little but blue, and with a hint of lilac, so that looking at it, you would never be totally sure what it was.

I added 2mm worth of OPI Totally Fort Worth It (as it was close to the overall tone I wanted.  I debated using Zoya Harley, but couldn’t bear to do that to her!) and then added a similar amount of CG Sea Spray and Agent Lavender, which, I quickly learnt, were too pale to really have any effect.

I added a bit more Totally FWI, and then started to wonder what I could add.  I new I needed to go a bit darker to add some more pizzazz.  So in the end I added –
  • About 10 drops of Essie Chinchilly
  • 8 drops of OPI Grape Set and Match
  • 10 drops of Zoya Kotori (an inspired choice due to it’s sheerness)
  • And I *think* I added a couple of drops of CG First Mate as well
  • At the end, there may have been a couple more drops of Chinchilly

By now it was bedtime and my bottle was gunky.  The lighting in my house is not good when the sun’s gone, so I decided to look at it in the light of day, and to be honest, I still wasn’t wowed by it.  It looked ok on my hand though, so I begged Beth to steal one nail of my hand back from the next manicure she was subjecting, no *treating* me too and …. Welllll, I likeyed.

On the nail it was much softer.  Undoubtedly grey of birth but with some blue to it, and some lilac in some lights too.  Hurrah!  The Rimmel glitter is silver with predominantly blue bits, but when the pink bits in there catch the light it does look pretty.  If you do decide to try this, I would suggest a pinkier glitter to balance out the blue colours.

And, for an impatient Crumpet like me, sadly it’s true.  You do have to do it a little bit at a time.  Now, if I could just find a hunky young man to do all that bottle-shaking for me …..

J  Let me know what you think !  Oooh and baby needs a name – either PAA inspired or something wintry maybe ??

Much love xx

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