Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nail Fun - Pink Galaxy

Nail Fun


Well, this certainly didn’t start out as a galaxy, and I’m not even convinced I like the finished article.  I took a few wrong turns, but might have *just* gotten away with it!

So, the base.  Pick 5 pinks from palest baby pink (OPI Steady As She Rose) to medium to dark (Zoya Moxie was my darkest, and the ones in between were CG).  I wasn’t totally happy with the pinks I’d chosen once they were on the nail – some had a cream base, others a white base, and it just didn’t look  … right.   2 of my pinks were also far too similar – oh well, you live and learn!

The next step was to splatter them.  Initially this was to be a tale of 5 pinks, with each nail splattered with 3 of the pinks.  However, because the pinks just looked *wrong*, I turned to a little bit of purple (CG Spontaneous) for some of the splatter, and to Color Club for the leopard spots.

Finally, each nail was topped with KleanColor chunky glitter in Fuschia –absolutely amazing – look at it in the bottle!  KleanColor balances out all sorts of nail crimes, but it does come with a side effect – it’s quicker to watch paint dry than to watch your KleanColor dry!  Seriously, this stays tacky for ages, although you can smooth most smudges out.

So, once ye olde glitter was in place and I could call it a galaxy, I felt a lot happier. I really like about half the nails and think the other half are a bit meh.  My favourites are the thumb and middle finger of the right hand – the splatter just blended better here.

Oh and I’m still practicing my leopard print – maybe I’m getting there, maybe I’m not lol.  I keep doing them too big then too small then too many ….. argh, but I WILL get there!

I love reading your comments, so let me know what you think, and how you perfected doing freehand leopard spots!

Happy nailing J  xx

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