Sunday, 7 August 2011

Nail Fun - Purple Dots

Nail Fun

Nail Fun is all about having fun with your nails.  Layering it, splattering it, making pretty patterns with it … it’s the most fun you can have on your own with a child in the house !!  J 


Ok, so let’s do a little nail art.  As we’re beginners and a bit cack-handed, we’ll start with something simple.

Dots are a great way to dabble.  Thanks to dotting tools they’re really easy to do, and if you don’t have dotting tools you can use blunt cocktail sticks, pencils, all sorts.  The ones I’ve seen work best with a theme, so for this one I used 5 shades of purple from feather light to black-dark.

From thumb to pinkie I used ZOYA Marley, OPI Planks A Lot, ZOYA Demi, ZOYA Mira and ZOYA PINTA. 

You then just go mad with a dotting tool.  I was hoping to create some cool patterns but I think I had too many colours in play.  Also, it looks rubbish on the last fingers I did when the blob of nail varnish I was using started to get sparse!  My favourites are the fingers with flowers and the ones that have a defined pattern.

I think the MARLEY dots have the most impact, and with hindsight I’d have used fewer dark colours.  Altho Mira and Demi are medium-dark in the bottle, on the nail and within a pattern they became too dark and indistinguishable.

I’ve seen this done beautifully in monochrome and in rainbow colours, so it’s an ok-ish result for now, and I’ll try harder next time (and work out how to control my left hand!)

 See you next time :) 

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