Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nail Fun - Vampire Splatter Mani

Nail Fun

Nail Fun is all about having fun with your nails.  Layering it, splattering it, making pretty patterns with it … it’s the most fun you can have on your own with a child in the house !!  J 


OH, I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how much I am loving this.  I’ve been dabbling with some blood-splatter nails on my display wheel all week, and finally found the right combo!

I have used a black base (Color Club) with OPI’s Boris & Natasha on top.  I very deliberately chose a dark as night red, quite burgundy, as I didn’t want the red to stand out too much.  I think this could stand a slightly lighter red, but it didn’t look half as good with really bright ones.

So, black base, straw and away we go !  I love how Boris & Natasha blends into the black yet stands out from it at the same time.  This is sooooo dark and vampy.  I love love love.

The middle nail I did differently – black base and then 3 medium blobs of colour (just using the normal polish brush).  I then picked up a small dotting tool and just swirled away to my hearts content.  The trick is to get just enough colour, but not too much, so that as you’re swirling it, little gaps start to appear.  I got the idea for this from how my dotting tray looks after I’ve been dotting!

Finally, this has been topped with a clear top coat.  I thought about adding a reddy sheer glitter, but I thought it would just ruin – I am just so in love with the darkness of this mani.  Excuse the many photos that follow, but I just can’t get enough of looking at this!!   It was quite hard to photograph, but up close the colours blend exquisitely.

Have fun my lovelies J

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