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Nails I Love - Purple OTT Mania

Nails I Love

10 Purple Polishes Sitting On My Nails J

I confess, I was bored.  And as I was mooching through my favourite nail polish box (the purples) I found I had 10 I hadn’t tried…. I actually love wearing different colours at the same time so yay, here we go !!  (But be warned, I will be saving the best for last).

The Right Hand
Thumb – LA Girl Rockstar
Index - Color Club Electronica
Middle – Color Club Wild At Heart
Ring – OPI Catherine The Grape
Pinkie – Color Club Tru Passion

In the bottle, I had a MASSIVE crush on Rockstar.  Dark, delicious and possibly poisonous, this is a very dark glass-flecked purple.  On the nail ?  Waaaaaa!  Where’d’all the purple go ?  Everything that made this edgy and cool in the bottle, disappears, and whilst you’re still left with an arresting nail, virtual black with teeny tiny flecks does NOT match my expectations.  It’s still very cool, but not as glam-cool as I’d hoped.

Color Club is fast becoming one of my favourite brands.  Solid, dynamic colour, excellent bottles and application, these tick so many boxes.  My purple splurge included some amazing CC colours.  Electronica (bottom) is just so perfectly named, it’s absurd.  Dark, cold, maelstrom purple, this shines with a thousand volts, fluorescing glossy electricity at every moment.

Wild At Heart (top) shouldn’t be able to compete, but does.  Less blue, and more royal, this is semi-holographic, catching moonbeams in its midnight glow.  There’s a beautiful dusty depth to the holo here – deliciously infinite.

Tru Passion is the odd one out – lighter, a medium glittery purple, this sparkles and shines like it belongs on a Christmas tree.  Whilst it looks beautiful on, it didn’t really look right against its darker cousins, so I layered it with China Glaze purple crackle.  The glitter broke through like a crazy cracked paving slab – love!

And then there was Catherine The Grape .. the odd one out, and doesn’t the name just make you break into a big grin ?  This is a shiny, shimmery brown purple with oodles of class and glamour.  Super glossy, super divine, this is a purple that defies description – the nearest I can get is that it reminds me of what mahogany would look like if it was purple!  Seriously lovely.

Left Hand – The China Glazes
Thumb – Mummy May I
Index – Grape Juice
Middle – Let’s Groove
Ring – C-C-Courage
Pinkie – Spontaneous

So, bottom’s up.  Spontaneous is a lovely lively dark lavender / medium purple.  A shade or 2 darker than OPI’s Planks A Lot, this is just a FUN colour, and I bought it so I would have a good mid range colour for blending.

Grape Juice and C-C-Courage, whilst lovely and sparkly, are not quite as wow on the hand as they are in the bottle, mainly because they come out a couple of shades lighter.  GJ is the lightest, and almost looks anaemic – icy but with nice flecks of colour.  CCC is soooo cool in the bottle – a dark yet bright grey purple that glistens with light – but on the nail it blanded out a little, although I’m sure a little KleanColor magic will brighten it back up.  This is very indigo, and a little too matte for my liking.

Let’s Groove is coolness personified, a 70s swirlfest of shimmering violet tones.  In the bottle, it looks like blackened purple roses, and on the nail, it loses some of that olde elegance, but not much.  It is supremely rich, flashing magenta, brown, royal purple and dark polished wood.  This is almost like the unblued cousin of CC’s Electronica, and should come with its own pair of flares.

And finally … ladies, ladies, ladies … Mummy May I?  Mamma Mia this is ah-may-zing!  Purple has never looked so fine, so sexy, so poisonous and so goddammed witchy.   In the bottle, it is super pretty, devilish and full of voodoo.  A purplish black base, flecked with violet, on the nail this looks like blackcurrant crush, the clash of the bruised skin mixing with the sweet inner juices.

This reminds me a little of some photos I have seen of Merry Midnight – that beautiful clash of the dark and the bright.  There is a holiness to this colour.  It should be bowed down to, worshipped, prayed to.

This, girls, is BEYOND magical. 

Enjoy !

Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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