Monday, 15 August 2011


Nails I Love


Coco is another of my famous “is it” colours J  Coco, however, is nothing like I expected.

Remember, all Zoyas go on darker than the bottle?  Coco goes loco and is LOADS darker than the bottle.  When she’s trapped she looks like a raspberry milkshake with a spoonful of chocolate thrown in; on the nail she morphs into a dark, VERY dark drunken raspberry.

Deep brown tones underpin this colour, keeping the darkness warm and muted.  This is a vibrant cerise-brown, a loud brown berry, a raucous chocolate summer fruit cocktail J

I think Coco works best as an autumn colour where her natural warmth sits right at home with the earthier tones.  She’s like that dramatic berry you get in a Christmas wreath; the rogue maroon leaf in a sea of autumn bronze.

There’s something of the night about her, something very humid and alive, like a caged tiger, or a night about to turn wild on cocktails.  She is a dark mix of drama, fun and plum in the sun, deep brown violent wine …  Oh and then I got myself carried away with the tiger talk and decided to pop some stripes on her.  Apologies if they look amateurish, it was my first time drawing stripes on a real nail, and on my wrong hand!!  Lol.

Seriously, you could write songs about this one !

Have fun my lovelies J

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