Monday, 15 August 2011


Nails I Love

ZOYA – Dove

The legendary Zoya Dove, probably the first Zoya I truly lusted after, is elegance in a bottle.  Super glossy, super swoony, this makes your hands look like a million dollars, and will make you feel that little bit more ladylike.

Dove is pretty much the perfect grey.  Light as meringue, supersoft, airy – this is delicacy in a bottle.  There is nothing over-powering about this colour, yet it’s still a traffic stopper, mainly due to it’s shy, subdued glamour.

Dreamy and creamy, divine and superfine, lush and plush, this is a grey for all seasons.  Pastel and neutral, monochromatic and subtle, this is a colour that matches any outfit, yet takes a back-step so that it’s not the centre of attention.  Ironic, because anything this beautiful WILL always be the centre of attention.

In the bottle, it looks like a fluffy cloud of happiness, all muted wonder and feathery nuance.  It really really does remind me of doves and pigeons – that fine underbelly softness.  Dove is a colour you just want to nuzzle.

Just for fun, I then splattered on it, with a white and Caitlin, then Gemma, Jo, Dree and Kotori.  What was interesting was how less beautiful the other colours made it, bleaching out its pearly wonder and replacing it with something a little more concrete.

I think it works best with Gemma – this would make a really good base for a camouflage mani – and like the thumb too with its tricolour of glossy goodness.

You only need one grey – make it this one and you’ll never look back.

Have fun my lovelies J
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