Saturday, 6 August 2011

NAILS I LOVE - Zoya - INDIGO with added magic from COLOR CLUB Covered In Diamonds :)

Nails I Love

Nails I Love is written to celebrate some of the most beautiful nail varnishes on earth and to help you choose which colours and styles will suit you. 

Each posting will feature details about the colour as well as photos.  I guarantee every photo will show the varnish as it looks on your fingers, otherwise, what’s the point ? 

Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

ZOYA – Indigo with COLOR CLUB Covered in Diamonds

So, nailwise, I don’t like the whole rainbow and I tend to avoid blue.  But I wanted a nice navy for a galaxy splatter and I settled on this Zoya, and I’m delighted and disappointed in just about equal measure.

Indigo is a plush navy velvet with purple ambitions – so it has purple tinges, but never looks purple.   Gazing into the nail, the depth of the colour is astounding – it’s a pure, perfect midnight.  In the bottle however there’s LOTS of shimmer – flashes of royal blue and whole galaxies of multi-coloured micro-glimmer.  Seriously, in the bottle it looks A-MAZING.  But on the nail, the shimmer and glitteriness just isn’t visible.  There are tiny flashes of it, but you have to look at it REALLY closely.  On the plus side though, it’s the glimmer that gives it its beautiful depth and velvety appearance.

You can see how beautiful it looks in the bottle - look at all the silver flecks!

So, slightly disappointed.  So I applied COLOR CLUB Covered In Diamonds as a top coat and ….. WOW.  NOW I am in love, like seriously in love.  In the bottle, CID is a shimmery white potion with opal flecks.  On the nail, it initially looks clunky and disappointing, with jagged foil type flakes landing on the nail, but then  … oh, but then, as it dries, it absorbs the colour underneath it, opalesces it and VOILA. 

OMG so I now have midnight nails with crazy flecks of gold, turquoise, green, silver and amazing.  I literally have not been able to stop staring at them in awe and amazement, they look just jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

And suddenly, I have my galaxy J

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