Saturday, 27 August 2011

NAILS I LOVE - Zoya - PULSE Collection

Nails I Love

ZOYA – Pulse Collection

Zoya’s PULSE Collection came out a while ago and I have had it on backorder for 2 WHOLE MONTHS !!  It’s nearly killed me waiting for it to arrive.  It’s full of dark, deep, hypnotic colours with a little bit of metal and shimmer thrown in for good measure.  Sounds like heaven !

These colours are GLORIOUS. They are dark, they ARE hypnotic, they are mysterious, dramatic, perverse, subversive, evil – everything a classic dark polish should be!

Let’s start with the thumb – SLOANE.  Described as “black plum metallic” Sloane is going to be getting a lot of wear this winter.  I think she’s more like blackcurrant skin, and it wasn’t til a sunbeam hit us that I saw the teeny tiny sparks of metal glinting under her surface – she’s like a super spy keeping that secret!  I love this.  A lot.

Index finger = RIHANA, a “raspberry wine metallic”.  This is like burgundy without the brown – a nice dark shimmer, not unlike red wine.  I don’t know that I would call it raspberry – it’s a bit darker than that.  I think she will look a-may-zing with glitter.

On the middle finger, MIKKA, an “icy grape metallic”.  There is a lot of kinship between this one and Sloane.  They are both from the Grape family, but this is a little bit lighter and has a lot more going on as a result.  She sways and shimmers, bends and blinds you – this is pure dark beauty.

Ring finger is BLAIR, an “elderberry plum metallic” and this is the first one I didn’t love as much on the nail as I thought I would.  In the bottle, she’s a shimmering swirl of hot-headed rubiness, but veers towards maroon on the nail.  I don’t know where all the brown suddenly came from.  She’s not ugly, not by a long strange, but I would have liked the red to dominate a little more.

Finally on the pinkie, COLBIE, a “russet metallic” – perfect description.  This is a bit lighter and browner than Blair, giving an intense blackened copper look.  Again, these 2 are very close sisters, and given the choice I would probably keep Colbie as she looks like Autumn leaves.

Missing from the photo is JACY, a “mauve metallic purple” – imagine Demi with a bit of fuschia shimmer on top.  She’s a little bit the “odd one out” in terms of tone”, which is why she didn’t make it to the hand of glory J

So, Sloane, clear winner, then Mikka, possibly the unphotpgraphed Jacy, then Rihanna, Colbie and Blair.  All beautiful girls – bring on the dark skies and these girls will be good to go.

Have fun J

Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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