Monday, 15 August 2011


Nails I Love

ZOYA – Rea

Zoya Rea is a metallic medium iced grape that has depth, shine and ooh la la.  Not my normal colour, this is a keeper partly due to its versatility – this is great for being arty with due to its different texture.

Each nail looks like it is filled with a million particles of iced plum delight, a meringue shine of fluffy grittiness, with aluminium, grape, lavender and cloud all swirled into the mix.

This is very much a sister to Marina, Tao and Harley, sharing their cashmere depth and metallic gleam.  Colour-wise it’s a dark mauve, a light grape, a pastel aubergine, a shimmery glimmer of multiple tones that give it that deep fuzzy layered look.

For a bit of fun, I then layered it with KleanColor PARTY FEVER, a jelly of fine raspberry glitter and blue, gold and violet sequins. 

Have fun my lovelies J

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