Thursday, 11 August 2011


Nails I Love

Nails I Love is written to celebrate some of the most beautiful nail varnishes on earth and to help you choose which colours and styles will suit you. 

Each posting will feature details about the colour as well as photos.  I guarantee every photo will show the varnish as it looks on your fingers, otherwise, what’s the point ? 

Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

ZOYA – Sophie

When my first large magical Zoya haul arrived a few weeks ago, Sophie had me drooling.  On the nail, not so much L

I’m an autumn girl at heart and I am always drawn to varnishes that blend brown-red-orange-pink tones into a leaf-strewn splendour, and in the bottle, this one fitted the bill perfectly.

On the nail, as with all Zoyas, it takes on a darker shade, and unfortunately for Sophie that means she turns .. red.  Most of the subtlety disappears and the muted tones that are so spellbinding in the bottle give way to a colour that is just …. red.

Don’t get me totally wrong, it’s still pretty.  As a red it has some humility and shyness which gives it a nice twist; it’s just not quite what I thought it would be ….  After I slept on it, I have to admit it looks nicer.  Cheery, bright, happy with some of the mutedness I was hoping for, but I still felt the need to jazz it up a little J

Suitably jazzed with China Crackle PLATINUM PIECES, KleanColor CHUNKY HOLO POPPY and China Glaze Pink Crackle.

I can’t stress how good the holo turned out – I’m going to do a whole mani in this shortly.  Fiery on the nail, it was an overdose of yellow, lime and orange in the light.  Sheer and beauty.

So, Sophie, Nails I am ok with ???

Have fun !
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