Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nail Fun - Autumn Leaves

Nail Fun


Hi Goddesses

I’ve had this mani in my mind for a couple of weeks now, ever since I did Lollipop here.   I wanted to use the same technique (cos nail art has to be simple with me in the room) to recreate a pile of autumn leaves – the sort you have to make a great big mess of if you’re wearing wellies!

And here it is.  Hhhhhm.  It’s not QUITE what I had in my head, but it’s a start.  For this I used once base coat of Zoya Dree (an olive green – see my review here).  To get the swirl you pick 3 colours and make vertical stripes on the nail (quite wet stripes) and then take a cocktail stick or dotting tool and swirl a pattern

For my colours I used Dree, COLOR CLUB Wild & Willing (an amazing metallic orange that reminds me of OPI Man of La Mancha) and the infamous Metro Chic by SEPHORA by OPI.

Something in the 3 colours doesn’t quite work for me, and I think it’s the Metro Chic – it just gets lost in the maze poor love, and barely makes a statement in any of the nails.  The orange works fabulously, and is the perfect colour for autumn, and whilst I love Dree, she dominates maybe a little too much.

I’m going to do this again in another couple of weeks, varying the colours a little.  In the meantime, if you’re as simple as I am, give this mani a go, it’s really easy and creates a cool effect.

Til next time J

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