Monday, 12 September 2011

Nail Fun - Lollipop, Lollipop

Nail Fun


Hi Goddesses, I hope Monday finds you well.  This is a mani I created totally by accident, fell in love with and THEN realised it also fit the PAA theme of candy-inspired – bonus!

This is a magical swirl of 3 bright clashing colours – China Glaze Spontaneous, Pure Ice Jackpot and Wet n Wild Everybody Love Redmond.  

You’ve probably seen something similar before – paint your nail with one of the base colours (I chose the middle shade, the pink), allow to dry, and then stripe your nails with a big thick gooey stripe of each colour.  I used vertical stripes. Then get a cocktail stick or similar, put the point in the middle, and swirl out in a spiral (whilst it's wet).

LOVE !!!!

Lessons – one hand is definitely better than the other, and this is either because I used 2 coats of the base colour or really allowed it to dry.  Next time, I think I’ll use a top coat over the base colour, because although I like that some of the drag marks go all the way through all the colour and down to the nail, there are a few too many for my liking.  Ergo, you may need to touch up.  Advantage here is that because the pattern is so random, you CAN touch up without it being noticeable.

It’s all in the colours – there’s something about how these 3 colours clash that’s just PERFECT.  I’ve seen splatter manis in similar colours to this that look awesome too.  So, lesson number 2, pick wisely J

Don’t overdo it – some of the nails I really like are the ones where I did less spiralling.

And finally, to justify including it in PAA I’ve decided this looks like a tutti frutti lollipop – blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry.  I’d eat it!  J

Have fun xxxxx
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