Monday, 26 September 2011

Nail Fun - Rawk Star mani

Nail Fun


Hi Goddesses

So, this week’s theme for PAA was Rock Star Mani, a phrase that conjures up so many glitterbombs and clashing dramatic colours J  I hadn’t quite decided what I was going to do for mine, but thought it might involve purple (obviously), glitter (obviously) and probably black shatter (which I am loving a LOT more now we’re headed for winter).

I ended up with this spectacular and I LOVES!!  I told you last post ( xxx ) how I wasn’t so keen on DS Temptation, but how eventually she redeemed herself, and this is how she did it …

I’m a big believer in playing with your mani before you take it off.  It gives you a better chance to experiment than a nail wheel and sometimes, you get an extra day out of what you are wearing.  And that’s where this one started.  My current first port of call for “hhhmm, let’s see what that looks like” is my KLEANCOLOR chunky holos, so on the left hand, I painted the thumb, middle and little finger with Chunky Holo Purple.

I LOVE how this turned out. I love the little sparkles of green and orange – they seem to add to the statements Temptation is already making.  Also, this gave Temptation a much smoother and less gritty appearance than the Poshe did …. Hhhhhmmm.

Then, I layered over the Black Shatter.  Personally, I prefer China Glaze, but whichever one you love the most is the most important factor here.

I love love love.  This reminds me of some demented black widow spider, too.  Don’t ask me why!  Maybe it’s something to do with the shatter looking a bit like a web.  Anyway, there’s something about this particular purple and the shatter that just ROCKS.

I particularly love the nails where I used the KLEANCOLOR – they’ve just got that little bit more sparkle going on.

All I know is, if I was taking to the stage wearing this, I’d feel in the perfect mood to rock out to JUST LIKE A PILL by Pink.

What are you rocking out to with your mani ??


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