Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nails I Love - China Glaze FORTUNE TELLER

Nails I Love

HALLOWE’EN – Part 3 of 4
CHINA GLAZE – Fortune Teller

Hi Goddesses.

So this is part 3 of 4, and this time the focus is on CHINA GLAZE’S Fortune Teller.  You can read my review of China Glaze ICK-A-BOD-Y here and my review of SALLY HANSEN’S Pumpkin Spice here.  Coming up next we have a big ole pic heavy swatch comparisonarama!

Fortune Teller – from what I’d heard, it was quite HTF so I was delighted to find a bottle really cheaply.  It arrived and I did not gasp, which is never a good sign, but then Krissi posted a photo of it where it looked wow, so I decided to keep it a little longer.

In the photos, I am wearing 1 layer of SH Black Out.  Fortune Teller is on my thumb, middle and little fingers; Icky is on my index finger, and SH Pumpkin Spice is on my ring finger.  Oh and soory about some of the photos.  I am enjoying a day off and have Mount Laundry to do – I was overly ambitious with the multi-tasking and smudged quite a few nails, and then just couldn’t be bothered to start again.  Sorry L

Thankfully, Fortune Teller has at least 2 major differences to Icky and PS.  Firstly, the base is black, meaning this is much easier to wear on it’s own.  Secondly – it has multi-sized glitter!  Holy cow, how can one little thing make such a difference ?  This shares the same micro glitter as the other 2, and then adds in some larger pieces.  Again, the orange is perfect, just the right side of vibrant.

This applied quite easily, but as all Glitter Gals will know, it’s hard to get the larger pieces spaced where you want them.  This is partly why I made such a mess of myself – I kept dabbing extra bits on to try and show you how cool the larger pieces were, and then forgot that my polish was about an inch thick!  Oh well.

So, which is your favourite so far ?  Ready for a head-to-head comparison ? Ok, coming next.

Enjoy J

Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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