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Swatch Comparisons - The Halloweeny Orange Glitter in Blackish Base Hurdles

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HALLOWE’EN SPECIAL – post 4 of 4
Swatch Comparison – CG Ick-A-Bod-y, SH Pumpkin Spice, CG Fortune Teller

Hello goddesses

So here we are – the last lap.  Who has run the better race and will be crowned the winner of the Halloweeny Orange Glitter in Blackish Base Hurdles ?

Read on J


First things first.  To read the full reviews of each of these polishes, click on the following links –
China Glaze – Ick-A-Bod-y – here
Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice – here
China Glaze – Fortune Teller – here

Pumpkin Spice

Round 1- the base

sorry, Icky then FT with PS on the end

  • Icky – greeny brown murk
  • PS – same, but slightly less green, and less pigmented
  • FT – semi sheer black base

WINNER – Fortune Teller.  Although I think Icky’s base is really cool, there’s no denying FT is the easiest one to wear as it does not need a base coat of black to get going

Round 2 – Glitter!

  • Icky – heavy metal
  • PS – starlike
  • FT – mix of piece sizes

WINNER – wow, this is a TOUGHIE.  Which polish of these 3 you prefer will, I think, be decided on how you answer this question.  Personally, I like FT, and I like PS for its sparseness.  I find Icky a bit too OTT, yet this is precisely the reason so many other goddesses will love it.
Gaaaaah … I go for …. Fortune Teller

Round 3 – Red

I was really curious how these 3 would layer over red.
  • Icky – heavy metal again.  Lack of black base adds to overall orange/bronze effect
  • PS – it’s still red AND there are now teeny twinkles all over it
  • FT – yes, you, YOU, with your black base.  Red, much ?

WINNER … drum roll …. Pumpkin Spice!  With the sheerest base, this has an easier task for being a winner.  It really does look great over red.  I chose a bright red – CG Salsa – as I didn’t want the jelly base of any of the glitters to “pollute” the red too much.

For those already loving Icky, you’ll probably love how it looks over red even more.
FT – sorry, did you even show up for this race ?  Disgraceful.  Your amazing shiny black base just bit you on the nose didn’t it?  Tuh.

Random bits
In the extremely scientific office poll, PS beat Icky hands down, due to its twinkly midnight appearance, altho everyone remarked that Icky looked a like an awesome bonfire

I prefer PS to Icky because she is sparser.  I assumed (wrongly as it turns out) that 2 coats of PS would equal 1 coat of Icky.  WRONG!  Nothing compares to the density of the glitter in Icky.

FT – for me – has the best glitter – but it’s a 1 trick pony.  As its base is so dark, it doesn’t lend itself to being a layering polish.

So which is MY favourite ? oooh it’s a toughie, but probably FT followed by PS. Altho Icky looks spectacular on, it’s almost TOO much.  Because it is sooooo Halloweeny and monstery, it’s hard to know when else you’d wear it, whereas PS has layering possibilities, and FT – due to its back base and sparser glitter – could be worn pretty much whenever you’re in the mood for a glittery black.  It doesn’t scream HALLOWE’EN as obscenely as Icky does.

I do love them all, but I am not going to keep them all, so I really need your comments and votes to weed out which 1 will be going into my ALMOST HERE 100 Followers Giveaway J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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