Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Autumn Water Marble

Nail Fun


Hi Goddesses

Ooh what a busy week!  Hope you’re well, whatever you’re doing.

Today I have photos of the water marble I’ve worn for the last 2 days and which I have absolutely loved the pants off!  I am so in love with this mani.  I’m also quite proud of myself because this is only my 3rd ever attempt at a water marble (the first was my birthday purple one, and the 2nd was a disaster!)

Beth wasn’t around at the weekend, so I had to do this All By Myself!  Gasp lol.  My original idea was to do a Muppets marble as those were the colours I had spent the weekend swatching.  I really wanted to use Animal-istic, Meep Meep Meep, and Pepe’s Purple Passion, but they just would not have it!  I think the flecking made them too heavy to spread out or something, so I had to revert to Plan B.

My amazing substitutes were CG Life Preserver (a perfect burnt orange), OPI Vodka & Caviar for the red, and OPI Catherine the Grape – a browny purple.  I had already put on a base coat of Animal-istic.

It’s not so much my water marbling talent that I am in awe of as the mix of these colour.  There’s something about the clash of them that is just Bang On and So Right.  The Life Preserver deserves a special award for outstanding contribution – just look at how wow it looks.  Catherine the Grape was the perfect contrast polish and may favourite nails are the ones where those 2 colours dominate.

Against them, Vodka & Caviar didn’t have a chance, poor love, but I do like the way I could see Animal-istic’s sparkle through the red – a magical added benefit.

The nails I am most proud of?  Left thumb, left index and middle (the first 3 that I did) and the right middle, where I managed to create an amazing swirly thing. 

Now, here’s the thing I still can’t get right – the plonking!  Or, to give it its more technical term, the placing of the nail EXACTLY where you want it in the bullseye.  Look at those awesome patterns that landed on the tape!!  I would have wet myself with delight if I had gotten them onto the nail!!

Oh an bubbles …  ggrrrr bubbles are my WM curse L

Oh and finally …. The photos.  Due to autumn closing in, my only current access to direct light is when I am in the car, so YES, these pictures were taken on my journey to and from work.  Mostly, when I was stuck in traffic and not moving, but there is the occasional action shot thrown in for good measure!

Lol – hope you enjoyed J

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