Friday, 28 October 2011

Bee Happy !!

Nails I Love

In Praise of Miss Bee Justice J

Hi Goddesses

I was lucky enough to do a swap with Bee Justice from PAA this week.  She wanted Designer de Better and the green frog from the Muppets Collections, and I wanted a couple of things that are harder to find in the UK.

So I sent my parcel off – bubble wrap, envelope – felt good, sat back, waited, and then … got …. this.

Can you believe !!??!!  so now I am torn between –
  • Holy Crap this is the best parcel I have EVER received
  • Wow, Hallowe’en packaging, and ooh the cute little Pumpkin bags and
  • Oooooh there’s other goodies in here too – lollies, wipes, Hallowe’en sprinkle
  • AND man, I hope she likes my bubble wrap

Lol.  Bee, you have set a very high standard.  Dammit, next time I’m going to have to sooo raise my game J

And my goodies?  China Glaze It’s Alive, 2 Milani 3Ds Hi-Res and Cyberspace and a silver holo glitter striper AND my little extras.

Wow oh wow oh wow.  I am also in the middle of 4 other swaps at the moment – this is like Christmas on tap!!

Lol, enjoy, and may the polish ALWAYS Bee with you xxxx J

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