Wednesday, 12 October 2011

DEBORAH LIPPMANN - Lady Sings The Blues

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Hi Goddesses

Tonight I have something so incredibly special, unbelievably gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful and just plain hot damn awesome …. Goddesses, take your seats for a performance from DEBORAH LIPPMANN Lady Sings The Blues.

Phew.  I need to catch my breath.  This is quite simply and without doubt the most beautiful nail polish I have EVER worn.  The colour is perfect, the glitter is perfect, the shine is perfect ….. ah, I could just stare at it ALL day.  And I have.  Literally.

Lady Sings The Blues is a very sheer navy jelly packed with the patented Deborah Lippmann house special – micro glitter, and different pieces of hex glitter, all tonally similar.  For LSTB, the glitter is grey, lavender and blue and flashes different shades in different lights.  In the car, some of the glitter flashed turquoise which was HOLY MOLY, but I haven’t been able to recreate it in the house L

There’s just something about the perfection of this navy that drives this polish beyond the bounds of what beautiful should be.  There’s such a perfect juxtaposition between the dark and decadent navy gloss and the light-catching sparkle of the glitter … this is like staring at a galaxy all day – deep, mysterious and utterly compelling.

Although the base in Lady Sings The Blues is dark enough to wear on its own, I prefer to layer mine.  I put this one over 1 coat of Color Club Blue-topia, an amazing navy jelly that’s almost a one coater, and this gave LSTB a perfect base from which to sing and soar.  I also added 2 coats of Poshe after LTSB, and the 2nd coat made a massive difference.

For those that are interested, I also did 1 accent nail in Across The Universe, Lippmann’s other special blue, and I was surprised by how much contrast there was.  As I’ve said before, ATU is all about ocean greens, and LSTB really highlights that.  ATU also has a much paler base – more of a dark teal.

If you don’t own this nail varnish, you must.  Simple as.  Lady Sings The Blues is glamourous, fabulous and scandalously divine.  You know by now that I Don’t Do Blue polishes, but seriously, if I was only ever allowed 1 polish in the world it would be this one.

Stunning.  Spectacular.  Intense.  Stellar.  Compelling.  

I hope you get the chance to enjoy her for yourself J

Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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