Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Franken - Blue Day's Night

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Hi Goddesses

So, blue week continues with another franken from Beth.  Beth, in case any of you had forgotten, is my 8 yr old daughter, who for some reason has started dabbling with nail art, nail wheels, and frankens.  I have NO idea where she gets it from lol.

A couple of weeks ago, Beth spent a happy Saturday creating Pink Day’s Night, a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop (you can see it here).  She loved it so much, she decided she wanted to make another, but this time with a blue base.  And here we have it – Blue Night’s Day (see what she did there? Lol).

Firstly, I need to point out that the photos are not doing this justice.  The reality version is a turquoise jelly, rather than the milky blue jelly you’re seeing in these photos.  I tried every sort of lighting, and just could not get the colour to snap like it should, so apologies. Just remember – pure turquoise. (The thumb photo is pretty accurate).

Ingedients-wise I’m a bit foggy, because we did this a few weeks ago.  I know it was a “nothing special” brand for the colour, we diluted it with clear, and then we added a mix of glitters.  One of those was Milani Gems, which is just fab for frankening, and I’m pretty sure there was also some other bits and pieces thrown in.

Overall, I REALLY like it.  The most beautiful thing about it is how much like the ocean or a fish tank it looks on the nails.  It has a lovely semi-opaque aqua thing going on, and it reminds me of mermaids and coral reefs.

I also love the brightness – remember, goddesses, turquoise – and the overall effect almost has a gradient going on, with the tips darker than the base, adding to the watery effect (I presume because more glitter lands on the top of the nail.)

So there you go, please let Beth know if you like it – she loves being mentioned in the blog J

Thanks, and enjoy J

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