Monday, 31 October 2011

Hallelujah - it's the End of the Hallowe'en Posts!!

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HALLOWE’EN WEEK – Purple Ghost Cats

Hi Goddesses

Welllll, I don’t know about you, but I am so glad it’s Hallowe’en today (or to give it its proper name, All Hallows Eve) because I am all Hallowe’en-nail mani’d out.  There have been some brilliant designs out there, but I am soooo relieved I don’t have to see another pumpkin, ghost or graveyard mani for another year lol.

Now, are you ready, are you sure you’re ready?  I have been overwhelmed by the response to yesterday’s post (10 Basics of Nail Polish –What Every Beginner Should Know), so number one, MASSIVE THANK YOU, especially to Krissi with her kind words and Liz who reposted it on her blog and sent 20 new visitors my way  J  but the main feedback?  You found it FUNNY!  So hold on tight ladies, sarcasm is turned on high!

Let’s start with what’s crap about this mani –
  • The polish wouldn’t photograph for shit lol.  It’s an amazing colour, not at all blue
  • One of my pussycats looks like an owl
  • He also has a weeping eye.  I must have hurt him in the night, because he woke up like that
  • You can’t really tell there’s a bat TIMW on my ring finger
  • This was the night when we almost found out whether Konad could fly.  Seriously, it was *this* close to being thrown out the window
  • But other than that, I love it !!

see, the bottle is a different colour to the nails!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, I did actually really like this mani, suspicious nail art aside.  The polish is Wet n Wild’s Buffy The Violet Slayer which is an amazingly intense electric violet.  This is like purple on crack, drinking Red Bull and then doing a bungee jump.  It is sooooo full of adrenaline, it’s literally blinding.

I also love that the polish is so intense that it won’t even allow white to be white.  It turned the white LILAC – how cool is that?  Made the whole spectral ghosty thing muuuch easier J

So the owl / cat, bless him.  I really wanted to do pussycats for Hallowe’en cos I do love cats, but I also Cannot Draw.  Then on Picnik they had a really cool doodle of a cat that was basically a blob with 2 eyes, and I thought, “I can do that!  I can draw a blob! How hard can a blob be???!!!”  Turns out, way harder than I thought :\   But I do find him really cute, even though poor love we have no idea what sort of animal he is!

The middle fingered cat? I’d go so far as to say he’s not bad.  Definitely a cat.  Not that you see any cats with oval heads and string necks, but still, he’s a cat.  And the paw.  The paw works.  Unless I got the number of toes wrong.

I thought it would be funny / clever to get a bat Tangled In My Web, and as I Cannot Draw, I used a sticker that I got as a free gift, except with all the glitter, you can’t see him!

But the real grrrr I save for Gothic Hello Kitty on the index finger that had to be trimmed to below the nub because of my hideous nail split.  First Konad session went ok.  This was the 2nd session.  I tried 12 times to get this stupid Kitty to print.  Now, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I am not a woman of saintly (or any other kind of) patience.  If something doesn’t work straight away, I am not the sort to inhale deeply, exhale calmly and try again with a smile on my face.

12 times!! 12 times I put the polish on, scraped it off, and did it go onto the stampy thing?  No It Did Not!  Aaarrgghh.  Eventually I reread the comment someone had made on that night’s PAA post about being LIGHTNING fast because the polish dries v quickly.  Now asking me to be lightning fast at anything is like asking a slug to beat Usain Bolt in the 100m, but I did (and somehow I managed to not knock my bottle over – miracle!!) and ta-dah … one slightly lop-sided Kitty.

So, to sum up, thank **** this is the last Hallowe’en post of the year lol. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed J   xxx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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