Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hallowe'en Cometh - Yikes, Spiders !!!

Nail Fun

HALLOWE’EN – Spider Fun

Hi Goddesses

I must confess, Hallowe’en isn’t up there in my household as events that should be celebrated.  I don’t get how big it is in America, but maybe because when I was a child, it just wasn’t “performed” in England the way it is now.

Which is strange, because I love witches and witchiness and cats, so Hallowe’en should be my favourite event of the year! 

I have finally found some Hallowe’en nail art I could do!  There have been some scarily amazing designs out there, and I take my hat off to the Goddesses that have done them.

For this, I used 3 coats of OPI Animal-istic from the Muppets Collection.  On 3 fingers we have Wet n Wild TANGLED IN MY WEB (which, btw is better when you DAB it on, rather than brush it on).  I so heart this polish.  Love it.

On the middle finger, I’ve just about managed a passable spider web, and on my thumb I drew a big old spider!  His eyes are Milani Gems.  I think spiders have 8 legs, but I couldn’t fit 8 on, so I guess I have to apologise to my spider for amputating 2 of his legs!  Lol.

Have a great one J

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