Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hallowe'en Franken - Witches Blood

Nail Fun

FRANKEN TIME – Witches Blood

Hi Goddesses

This is a franken Beth and I did a few weeks ago.  At the time, it was just too summery to wear, but now that we’re approaching Hallowe’en, it’s PERFECT.

This is called Witches Blood.  It’s basically a VERY dark red, with sprinkles in it.  Let me tell you more …

This started with about half a bottle of Sally Hansen FLIRT, which is my go-to vampy dark red.  It’s super deeply pigmented – if you haven’t got it, get it!  It then had half a bottle of Sinful Colors HOTTIE poured into it.

HOTTIE is one of my secret frankening ingredients.  It’s a blue jelly crammed with glitter (a bit like a blitz-blended Last Friday Night) and when you add it to other colours – wow, it just explodes like fireworks! 

As you can see, this makes Witches Blood flash blue, purple, pink and orange – love it!

It’s a fair few weeks ago now, but I think we also brightened this up with a bit of a bright red (probably CG Salsa) and maybe a little bit of Sinful Colors UFO (which does the same explosion thing as Hottie).

So, what do you think?  I’m not modest so I’m going to say it loud and proud – I LOVE this !!  I can see me wearing this a lot.  It’s even going to look amazing on toes J

And call me foolish, but I decided after this that I didn’t need China Glaze Crystal Ball – although the later has some holo sparkliness going on, I thought they were too similar to keep both – eeeek !

Enjoy xx

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