Monday, 24 October 2011

Hallowe'en Week - Green Monsters!!!!

Nail Fun



As you know, my nail art is limited.  My ideas exceed my talent at the moment, so I have to think SIMPLES J

Here is a cute little monster thing I did for PAA’s Monday Mani.  Partly inspired by Mike from Monsters Inc, and then also, I’m seeing a lot of “eyes” out there for Hallowe’en, mainly thanks to Chalkboard Nails.

So this was 3 coats of a Color Club green I got free from Boulder Creek Boutique.  I have no idea what it is because it has no label, but it’s scented.  Quite nice.  It doesn’t dry matte, but it also doesn’t dry glossy.  It looks like … you know when you blow on wet nails and get dulled condensation ?  like that.

I then used the end of a straw dipped in black to make the outline for my eyes and filled them in.  Then a medium dot of white and a teeny dot of red.  I made an effort to make them all look a little different J

There was going to be teeth, but I thought I’d done enough to earn a Merit Sticker lol.  I quite like them being speechless!  If only men were the same …..

Enjoy J

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