Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Nails I Love


Hi Goddesses

Well, I did NOT think I would be loving this so much.  You are about to be photo-spammed out of your poor pretty heads, and I make no apology whatsoever, for this polish is not just pretty, or awesome, or rocking, it’s LEGENDARY.

I bought Beetle a couple of months ago because everybody raved about it, and when it arrived did a bit of a “ah, meh” on it. I have a few duochromes that I love – Zoya Ki, OPI Not Like The Movies and Color Club Alter Ego & Alias – and I didn’t think this would be anything MORE than what I already had.

Well, how wrong can a goddess be ?  Holy wow!  I am so in love with Beetle.  Now, I am a girl that hates following the flock, and if everybody else loves it, it only makes me more likely to hate it, but in this case, I fall behind the masses – BEETLE IS DA BOMB!

So, for anybody who has not yet got this polish or heard of it, Beetle is not just a duochrome, it’s a MULTIchrome.  It slides between mustard, green, orange, russet, violet and purple, all with incredible agility and beauty.  Its heart is flecked, giving it the ability to be more than 1 colour at once- and I’m so glad I managed to capture that in some of the photos.

The darker the light, the more purple Beetle becomes, igniting into russet fire when sunlight hits it.  This polish has so many stages, it’s a rainbow unto itself.

This is also one of those rare polishes that makes the whole world notice you.  Everybody who saw it noticed it (without me flashing it in their face).  Even the woman next to me at the hairdressers grabbed my hand to inspect it!  Better than that, it passed the Beth test – she’s now rocking it on her nails J

But Beetle does get better … I think it was Lori Ida who layered it over black – I’ve tried a few layering combos, and on me, all it seemed to do was bring the purple out more.

But then …. Then I bought Barry M Instant Nail Effects in shimmering violet-purple and …. Well, after I picked myself up off the floor, I couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful the combination was.  Just for fun, I then crackled the other hand with China Glaze Black Mesh, and that looked sensational too.  But I don’t want to blow your minds completely in 1 post, so THOSE photos will be coming tomorrow J  (suspense, duh!)

Beetle is a polish for all seasons, but no season more so than autumn.  This embraces the colours of the leaves, the multi-tonality of the season, and its dead, decaying heart.  This is fall in a bottle, and if you buy this bottle, you really will fall for Beetle.

Enjoy J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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