Thursday, 20 October 2011

In Stitches

Nail Fun


Hi Goddesses

It’s short and sweet cos it’s nearly my bed time.

Bee Justice – I defaced OPI’s Designer De Better!  Omv … and Oooops.  Lol.  I was swatching Designer De Better at the weekend, now about to cuddle up for a bubble-wrapped journey across L’Atlantique to Miss B, and I thought it looked like a good enough base for zombie skin.

I’m no nail artist so this is Verrrrrry Basic.  Black stitches, and a little bit of red blood.

Love the thumb with curved scar – as always, it got a bit wrong on the ring finger and pinkie.  I have a problem of boring myself / not trying so hard once I think I’ve mastered something.

Ooopsie ….. enjoy, and may the blood be with you J 

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