Sunday, 2 October 2011

Nail Fun - Blue Mani Monday

Nail Fun


Hi Goddesses.

Sorry it’s been a few days – I’ve just not been feeling the groove thing.  It’s been hotter than a day in hell in the UK most of this week and I Do Not Do Heat.   This has made me tired, irritable, exhausted, sleepy and more than a little meh …  so thank god there’s Mani Monday to motivate me eh ?

I had already decided this would be blue week as we have just received our navy uniforms at work, and I thought my nails would be the best way to accessorise, so when PAA offered Blue as a choice this week, it was heaven sent J

So, colours used – all nails have 2 coats of Essie Smooth Sailing (own blog coming soon, quite a compliment that the girl who Does Not Do Blue would want her J) and then various dots using CG Nailsticks in Hula Blue, CG Sea Spray and CG First Mate.    I toyed with a lot of other blues (for a girl who Does Not Do Blue I seem to have an extraordinary number of them) but these 4 had the most in common tonally.  Stay tuned for the teals later in the week.

Overall, I am half DELIGHTED with how they turned out.  I have amused myself – the left hand is pretty much fabulous as far as I am concerned.  I am not the best at nail art, but it WORKS and for me it’s quite adventurous.

However, the really funny story is my right hand – which is exactly where I ran out of ideas.  I knew knew KNEW what I wanted to do on my left, and really wish I had thought longer before doing the 2nd hand – I would have done the thumb totally differently.

I am most pleased with the left thumb – I could see myself doing a full mani of this, and I’m also quite pleased with the index finger firework.

The middle finger spiral isn’t QUITE how I managed it, and I’ll be returning to it until I’ve perfected it.  I have a dream of a plain nail with just this big whooooosh of a spiral screaming out of the centre of it.  I’ve even tried to do it with wax, but it didn’t work, AND it hurt.

Not much to say about the little finger on the left hand, or on the right tbh – they were both low on inspiration, although I am quite pleased with how the stripes look with a dotting tool.

Probably the only one I really like on the right is the middle finger, with the dots within dots and overlapping each other.

So, not bad.  Uneven effort, yes but for me, quite arty J

See you soon J

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