Saturday, 15 October 2011


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NICOLE BY OPI – Sensational Scarlet

Hey Goddesses

I’ve been a bit quiet this week, but boy am I about to make up for it!  I’ve also received the most epic nail mail of all epic nail mails AND The Muppets Collections and will post pics this weekend.

Most of my amazing polishes came from my favourite eBay shop, Boulder Creek Boutique.  Janet always has HTF and just flippin AMAZING polishes.  She only lists a small portion of what she sells, so she’s great for asking after certain lemmings – you can find her store here -

So, my first polish from Janet that I’m going to share with you is NOPI’s Sensational Scarlet which MORE than lives up to its name.  Why does Scarlet sound so much more amazing than red ?  Lol, I dunno, but it dooooo J

This is a brilliant ruby polish crammed with shattered holo glitter pieces.  This catches the light like fairies on acid and is soooooooo outright SENSATIONAL that it defies words.  But I’ll still try.

In the bottle this looks like pure crushed velvet.  It’s the colour of Christmas and the texture of magic.  It’s ruby jewels for your nails.  It’s liquid fire catching the light, and red volts firing off your nails.  It’s not just sensational, it’s scandalously good.

The holo in this is amazing.  This is not a holo polish, but a polish packed with holo glitter.  Mostly this burns crimson and fiery, but sometimes it flashes lilac, sometimes white-hot, and sometimes it just SHINES.  Sigh.  There are no words for how outrageously gifted this baby is.

I have had a REALLY hard job trying to take photos that do her justice.  Sensational Scarlet looks most amazing in natural sunlight, and as it’s October and I’m in England …. Yeh, exactly.  Under artificial light she also looks amazing, but didn’t photograph amazing – she certainly doesn’t look that gritty in real life.  I’ve deliberately posted some blurred shots, because it gives you a better idea of the holo effect of the glitter.

There is some grittiness – she’s rammed with glitter, after all – and I used 2 coats of Poshe and then refused to use more!   I may just have to invest in some Gelous.

Perfect for Christmas?  Yes, but pretty much just perfect, period.

Enjoy J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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