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OPI DS Original

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OPI DS Original

Hellooooo Goddesses

This beautiful, gorgeous, holo-tastic blog starts with a tale of stupidity.  I first came across DS Original a few months ago – April, maybe – when I bought some polishes from a salon that was closing down.  I wore it, loved it, received compliments all day, and THEN DECIDED IT WAS TOO SIMILAR TO PLANKS A LOT AND THAT I SHOULD SELL IT !!!

Can you believe?  Oh my word, that there was even a time when I was BOTHERED that some of my polishes might be similar, or that I would never get to wear them often enough!  Pah.  So, anyways, had to buy 1 again, oops and all that, and this is another wonderbuy from my fave eBayer Janet at

Deep breath. Sigh.  Drool.  Why did I ever sell this?  Doh!  Oh my words, Original is gorgeous.

Let’s start at the dictionary shall we?  ORIGINAL means “new, fresh, inventive, novel; creative or original manner.”  Let’s not forget this.  When OPI launched their DS series with the original staggering holos, I wonder if they had any idea what they’d started ?  Did they know how much lust they’d generate, how many imitators they would spawn, how holo would become a nail maniac’s heroin?

Maybe not, but there is no doubt that as THE Original, DS Original is probably the best example of holo there has ever been.  It holos the pants off Glitter Gal, puts SpectraFlair in the shade, and makes any other holo (and this even includes OPI’s own) weep with embarrassment.

Original is a beautiful lilac-purple.  Delicate and dazzling in equal measure, it ups the volume when you get it in bright light, and dials it down in the shade.  It has more dazzle dust per nano-particle than any other thing on the planet, and is so gossamer thin and sheer that it’s like layering angel’s wings.

No other holo comes close to this.  Sure, some look better from a distance, or might be a prettier colour, but the first holo still cuts the deepest.  Every particle brings its own rainbow to the party; every droplet carries starlight; every brush stroke breathes magic.

This IS the polish to end all polishes.  It IS the best holo of all time.  It IS pretty much near perfect.  Ladies, goddesses, it IS Original, breath-taking, inventive and the redefinition of what we would demand for our nails.

If your hair is worth L’Oreal, your nails are certainly worth this.  Go on, treat yourself – originality is never a waste of money J

Enjoy oh and PS yes, the ring finger is layered over black for a little playsie J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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