Thursday, 6 October 2011

SpectraFlair PlayTime - Denimish

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Hi goddesses

I had drooled over other people’s Spectraflair photos LOADS, especially More Nail Polish ( but had no idea how to get it.  Then I got my paws on some and –ta-dah –

This is Denimish.  Not the 1st one  made, but the first one I am wearing because it is STILL Blue Week J 

Denimish takes its colour from China Glaze FIRST MATE which is a dark royal blue.  I diluted it half and half with clear and then added about 5 straw scoops of Spectraflair.

You can see how much the SF changes the colour of the original polish – it makes anything dustier and paler.   I really like the blue I ended up with – it’s nice and medium, not too deep or overpowering, but not too pale either.  It does look very denimy.

The holo in it is great, but only in direct light / sunlight.  Without it, it doesn’t quite glisten like proper holos do, but when the light shines on it, it sparkles for all it’s worth!  This has a lovely deep shimmer, with quite a lot of gold to it, and when it bends, the overall blue bends quite dark, which I love.

So, why does a girl who Does Not Like Blue make a blue holo ?  Well, partly because of the work uniform thing, but also because of the photo below.  I saw a pic of OPI DS Glamour and thought it looked amazing.  This photo is from the Polish Insomniac, and whilst mine isn’t quite as jazzy, I’m still quite pleased.

And just to whet your appetites …. In the next couple of weeks I’ll share the other holos I made – a dark purple, a pink, and 2 reds.

It’s Spectraflair-tastic !  J

Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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