Saturday, 8 October 2011

SpectraFlair Time - Fairywine

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Hi Goddesses

Apologies for the insane amount of posts this weekend.  I have struggled all week to keep up with my ideas, and this is one of those perfect weekends where I don’t have to do ANYTHING so have oodles of time to just sit in my nail room and be HAPPY.

So, this is the 2nd SF Franken I have posted, but actually the first one I made.  My outstanding holy grail is the perfect holo red, and I was determined to make one.  My SF goddess, MORE NAIL POLISH posted on how she struggled to create one, because the SF *does* turn the red a pinky colour.  Didn’t put me off tho lol.

I turned to the perfectest darkest red I own – SALLY HANSEN Flirt.  I figured if the SF made things paler, I might as well start with something really dark!  So this is Flirt, some clear, and some SF.

And it’s not red.  Nope.  Not red.  Or burgundy.  Or anything reddish lol.  But it IS a gorgeous colour, and I am happy with it.  It’s just not red :p

I’ve called this Fairywine because when you look at it really closely, the holo turns to fairy dust, and THIS is exactly the alcohol the fairies would be drinking in fairyland lol.  It’s also a nod to a friend’s email address which I have always thought was pure genius – RedWineFairy lol.

So what did I end up with ?  Something quite mulberry, quite muted, but quite divine all the same.  I find the holo you get from SF is more subtle than from the brands, and this really benefits from it – you get exactly the wine-infused fuzziness you would if you over-indulged!

I am really happy with this – next week I’ll show you what happened when I went balls-out to create a red holo …. And whether that had a happier ending.

Enjoy J

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