Saturday, 8 October 2011

Still Got The Blues ......

Nail Fun


Hi Goddesses

For some reason, I am obsessed with what I call “Lollipop Nails”.  Basically, 3 stripes of colour, swirled with a toothpick. I think it's because, like me, it's very simple :)  I have no idea if it has a more proper name, but I like the name lollipop!

As part of Blue Week I wanted to do a Lollipop and I decided to do one not in 3 shades of blue, but using the colours next to blue in the spectrum – green and purple.

The blue is CHINA GLAZE First Mate (a tealy-navy-royal blue blend), CHINA GLAZE Starboard (a real emerald green) and ZOYA Mira (impossible to describe – purple ice cream?).

My camera hates photographing purple, and of all the purples in the world it REALLY hates Mira lol, so these photos are less than perfect, and they do lose some of the effect.

In person, the effect is weird, but I LIKE IT.  From a distance, the nails look a petrol purple, and as you get closer, the individual colours start to stand out.  These 3 colours all have the same intensity and work really well together.

They remind me a little of Wimbledon colours!  It’s a very rich, dark, Victorian, peacocky kind of combination.

I hoped to be able to show you that some of the nails have different patterns, but the camera just wasn’t having it (how rude is that!) but you do have another rare appearance of the Full Paw Shot – enjoy!


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