Sunday, 16 October 2011

Zombie Blooooood ra ha ha !!

Nail Fun


Hi Goddesses

This Monday was Green for Depression Awareness Month in PAA (ooh it makes it sound like class lol!) and I was going to do something sophisticated, but then the Hallowe’en buzz caught me, and I ended up with …..

Zombie Blood lol!!  This is basically a green splatter mani, as messy as you like, with some vile greens in there!

The base is a goodie – OPI Stranger Tides – and it’s topped with 2 foul Color Club greens lol that I got for free and would never wear on their own, a mini Color Club glitter from a couple of years ago (Under The Mistletoe) and the darker one is Zoya DREE.

I love splatter manis, and even when I’m reading blogs, they are some of my favourite posts.  I’m not sure I’m quite as artistic at them tho as some girls, partly because I can’t find the thin straws, and so every so often, I get a nail that just gets covered from tip to base in the polish I am hoping to splatter.  Don’t believe me ?  Go on, I dare you to find some Stranger Tides in all that gunk!!

I also for the first time (and only with the Dree) used Sarah Waite’s tip (Chalkboard Nails).  She splatters using a hair grip.  I dipped it in the bottle and blew, and it either made thinner splatters (cool) or landed on my lip cos I got too close when I blew lol!  At least with a straw you can see where you’re aiming, with the grips, you can’t, but I do prefer the result.

Another thing I learnt today – glitter is hard to splatter.  A lot of the glitter you see on my nail I had to blob on.  Not so good.  AND it’s a bitch to clean up.  Not going there again, nuh uh.

So, Zombie Blood – evil ra ra ra ha ha ha Hallowe’en laugh ….

Enjoy J

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