Saturday, 12 November 2011

And The Winner Isssssssssss ......

Giveaway Winner

My first ever Giveaway ended yesterday.  When I started it, I had 80ish followers on FB and Blogger – now I have 128 on FB and 152 on Blogger – let’s hope that all of you who joined did so because you liked what you saw, and don’t plan to leave me just because you might not have won J

So, let’s refresh what the prize was – 12 polishes, some which are famous dupes, some glitters, a Barry M …..

And the winner is …… Alyssa Mason – congrats Alyssa!  She’s a blogger herself and is going to have to teach me a LOT about nail art.  One of her best ever posts was a M&Ms mani – her blog is No Junk Nail – seriously, check it out, she’s a very talented lady.

Soooo what next?  Well, one of the really interesting things was reading your comments.  Here’s a selection, along with my thoughts –
  • Nail art - I know it can be difficult and time consuming but sometimes it's fun to challenge yourself! Or even some adventurous layering combinations.
  • Frankens and my guest posts ha
  • I love dupe posts!
  • more art! more glitter! and moooore crumpet!!!
  • Love to see more art - like the monsters!
  • Frankens
  • Glitters & Frankens!
  • Barry Ms
  • Stamping
  • more nail art :)
  • tutorials
  • How to desisns :)
  • Franken tutorials
  • Art
  • nail art!!
  • easy nail art that a person with shakey hands can do?
  • Free hand art
  • more glitter polishes!!
  • I love comparisons ;-)
  • Holographic polishes of course. ;)
  • Nail Art!!!
  • I would love to see more nail art!
  • Nail art
  • Nail Art
  • Stamping, I'm addicted,lol.
  • I love seeing collection posts, hauls, and tutorials.
  • Maybe more of the same color in different lights AND a tutorial on how to take photos of nails!
  • some nail stamping :)
  • I love nail art especially:-)
  • I would like some swatches of cheap dupe or cloe to dupes, if at all possible.
  • nail art tutorials :)

Aaarrghhhh – to all those who asked for more NAIL ART, I hate you!!  Lol.  Nail art is not my strength, so we’re going to have to get better together on that one I think. I have so many nail art ideas, but just not the hand-eye co-ordination or tidiness to carry them out (ergo, poppies, I rest my case).  However, I do have some cool and most importantly SIMPLE ideas for Christmas, so maybe we’ll start at the very beginning, cos it’s a very good place to start, and see how we do J

Stamping – I have bought some stamps recently, so you can expect to see more of that.  Unfortunately, Konad the Barbarian and I have a frosty relationship at the moment – I am hoping that feeding him some different polishes will improve his willingness to work WITH me, not against me.

I am planning plenty of posts on my hauls and my stash.  I’ve posted the first half of My Top 10 Polishes, and the 2nd half will go out this weekend.  That’s then going to be followed by posts on my greens, my blues, my reds etc, and I’ll talk you through not only my favourites, but why I bought the ones I did and what they do that might be special.

You seem to love the “how to” or “things you need to know” posts, so I will try to do more of those too.

And as for glitter and holo, as a junkie of both, I thought I did a lot of that, but maybe not.  Don’t worry – there’s lots of layering coming up.

Although this blog is all about me, it’s not just there to be an egotistical romp through my own adventures.  It means a lot that so many of you have connected with me, and become good friends through Facebook. 

The Crumpet should reflect what we all want it to be, so if you have any ideas, suggestions or you just want to chat, you can find me on Facebook under The Crumpet, or you can email me on  You can always join in with the Friday Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge, again by getting in touch with me as above, and there’s also a Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge Facebook Page (we do a different nail challenge each week to improve our skills).

For the more experienced readers out there – any hints or advice you want to give, fire it at me, and never feel shy to post on The Crumpet’s facebook page – feel free to share other nail art you’ve seen, or cool things you’ve done yourself.

Thanks for reading, thanks SO MUCH for the comments, and see you around.

Enjoy xx J 


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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