Saturday, 19 November 2011

Barry M - The Orange to Yellow Spectrum

Nails I Love

BARRY M – Coral, Block Orange, Peach Melba, Lemon Ice Cream, Gold

Hi Goddesses

Here we have 5 different Barry Ms, all similar in spectrum, for a lovely happy skittle!

On the thumb, we have CORAL – a pinky peachy orange – and usually a colour I hate.  To be fair, this isn’t too bad, and is nice and bright, with probably more emphasis on the orange tone.

On the index finger – BLOCK ORANGE.  Now, I Do Not Like Orange on nails, but I love this colour!  It just is what it is – orange – with the dial of intensity turned up to 11.  Very bright, very deep, not at all neon or nasty.

Middle finger is PEACH MELBA, a .. peachy colour J   Again, not a colour I like on me, but there is a lovely dreamy creamy quality to this.  It is quite bright, and there’s a teeny pink tone going on as well.

Ring – Lemon Ice Cream.  Can I tell you how many times I have ever worn yellow nail varnish ? None, lol.  It’s just not me, but again, for what it is, this is really nice.  Lovely and creamy, not too pale, not too bright, no nasty neonness going on – this is lovely and subtle yet not bland.

Little finger – GOLD.  A gold metallic, trillions of tiny particles suspended in a clear base.  Amazingly smooth coverage, and a reasonable sparkle factor.

The skittles then got glitter skittled.  There’s some great combinations here.

Thumb – CG Snow Globe – really brings out the bright, happy qualities of CORAL.

Index – I am LOVING THIS !!!  This is BLOCK ORANGE with a top coat of CG White Cap.  I love it!  The gold works perfectly with the orange.  I would actually wear this.

Middle – some OPI Rainbow Connection over the Peach Melba – very much adds to the ice cream sprinkle feel of the polish

Ring – how could I resist?  I had to put Wet n Wild Tangled in My Web over LEMON ICE CREAM.  Doesn’t it look great ?

And finally, some Color Club COVERED IN DIAMONDS over the GOLD.

This is not a mani I would wear at all, but I think they look lovely in combination.

Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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