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Barry M VIVID PURPLE and a potted history of UK polish

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BARRY M – Vivid Purple

Hi Goddesses

2 interesting stories with this one, so let’s start with the one where you all get to laugh at me.  I wore this last night, took photos in the poetic morning light, washed my hair, checked the photos, and took the mani off.  5 hours later I slapped my forehead as I realised … I hadn’t written the words!  Aaarrgghh.  I didn’t want to do it from the photos, because as you’ll see, this Barry needs a LOT of adjectives.  Silly Crumpet.

The 2nd story is quite an interesting observation which came out of the comments on my GIVEAWAY (which is still live).  Someone said they’d love to see some Barry M posts, and the penny suddenly clattered through the mush of my brain:  because I am in the UK, and have access to Barry M, it stands to reason you would all want to see it, so why haven’t I blogged it before ?

Weeellllll .. I think there’s many reasons.  Firstly, UK polish doesn’t inspire me much.  Also, the UK brands don’t do seasonal collections like the US companies do, so there’s no great hoopla about them.  Of our brands, we have 2 that are sold through BOOTS (a big retailer) which I do not rate, No7 and 17 (although the latter has recently made an effort with its magnetics).  Then we have Models Own, which I don’t think I knew was a UK brand until this week!  Butter London …although it has London in the name, it’s actually a US brand.

So that leaves Rimmel and Barry M (and tbh, I thought Barry was American too lol).  Rimmel has been around for years, revamped itself with Kate Moss, and now is a solid average priced product.  Average quality.  It does nothing much for me – it could be a lot better, as it fits the Color Club / Wet n Wild mould without being as exciting as either.

And then we have Barry M.  Dear dear Barry and his M.  Dear Barry M and his nail PAINT.  Yes, not polish, or varnish; PAINT.  Now if I wasn’t such a nail snob, I would have lots of Barry Ms by now .. but that’s a whole different story lol.

So let’s zoom in on Barry and his M …

The positives
  • Hard wearing.  Despite the average price tag, this does resist chipping really well
  • Reasonable price.  They are £4-5, so $7-8 but quite often on offer at 3 for 2.  In the UK, that’s CHEAP
  • His colours are bold and bright – a pure rainbow
  • Has had some really good glitters which are great for frankening

The negatives
  • The colours aren’t as subtle or varied as say Zoya.  There will be say 3 cracking purples, but not 8 or 12 to choose from
  • The colours lean towards the poptastic – overbright pinks, oranges and blues.  Choice is limited if you like a more subtle palette
  • Easily confused with Boney M

So, here she is, your first Barry on The Crumpet – VIVID PURPLE – and what a beauty she is.  She is dark, delicious and vibrant; electric and dazzling; sizzling and singing.  She really is an amazing colour.

VIVID PURPLE has some colour bend with the light – shifting from cold purple to violet flashes.  There is no warmth here.  This is purple as it would exisit in space, ice, electricity or freezing fires.  There’s no brown, no red; just pure er .. vivid purple. There’s a lot of movement too, and I do love any colour that chameleons itself with the ever-changing light.

I really like this a lot.  It’s a peacock of a colour, strutting it’s violent violet magnificence.  Dark yet bright, deep yet incandescent, this is a contradiction within itself.  Schizophrenic, possibly.  Majestic, totally.

You’ll be pleased to know I picked up 35 Barry Ms on good ole eBay at a crazy price, so look out for some super swatching over the next few weeks.

So that was your first Barry and his important M – I hope you enjoyed J xx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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