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Crumpet's Top 10 Polishes of All Time

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Hi Goddesses

I don't know about you, but I love lists.  Favourites, weirdest, funniest, I love it all.  This is the first of what's going to be quite a series, not only my Top 10 Polishes of All Time, but there will be separate features on my favourite blues, red, pinks etc as well as glitters and effects.

Each entry will also link back to it's original post, so that you can see it in all its glory or read my little ramblings lol.

I'm going to start with Part 1 of my Top 10 - and I hope this will change every month or so as a new beauty catches my eye.  To get maximum suspense out of the situation, we’re going to go in reverse order, from No 10 up to No 6 … mwahahahahahaha J

10. SALLY HANSEN – Mystic Lilac - here

My holy grail of nail varnishes is always to find the perfect lilac-grey-taupe and oh my god does Mystic Lilac deliver.  Stop the clocks, the search is over J  Mystic Lilac is amaaaaaazing.  Its beyond gorgeous.

Mystic Lilac is a greige base with some lilac / lavender applied.  There is no bright whiteness here – just a whole lotta sludge going on.  This is a dirty girl’s lilac.   A swampy lilac.  A concrete lilac.  A lilac porridge.

It’s dusty and murky in tone with just that beautiful lilac hue and then …. It has green glass flecks.  Teeny tiny itsy bitsy flecks that catch the light and turn it into an elfin masterpiece.   This is the colour the rebellious teenage elves would wear in ElfLand to match their dirty blonde hair and their grass-stained knees.

9.  OPI Planks A Lot - here

One thing you can always rely on from OPI, a super glossy crème that spreads like butter and shines like moonlight.  From the Pirates of The Caribbean collection, Planks is pretty much the perfect lilac.  Subtle, but not pale; deep, but not overly rich; colourful, but not overpowering; juicy, but not sickly. 

Every time I wear this, I stare and stare and stare at my nails.  It’s the ultimate in elegant, aloof prettiness.

8.  China Glaze – MUMMY MAY I - here

I found this totally by accident on eBay, but as I can never have enough purples, thought “what the hell” and added it to my order.   In the bottle, it is super pretty, devilish and full of voodoo.  A purplish black base, flecked with violet, on the nail this looks like blackcurrant crush, the clash of the bruised skin mixing with the sweet inner juices.

This, girls, is BEYOND magical.

7.  Sally Hansen – CONCRETE - here

Sally Hansen’s Concrete is delicious.  She’s soft, she’s feminine, she’s subtle – she’s awesome!  Concrete is a super-soft fairy-lite taupe with barely there lilac overtones.  She’s like a pastel version of one of my all-time faves, OPI’s Parlez Vous OPI.

The perfect taupe is one of my polish Holy Grails, and Concrete has just about ended it.  She’s such a perfect blend of the cool and the warm, the aloof and the luscious, the greige and the lilac.  This is one delicious babe.

6.  Zoya KELLY - here

Kelly is an amazing melodrama of a polish. A deep dark plume of darkest grey smoke with purple and bluish tinges, this colour stops traffic, and heralded the start of the recent grey / smokey colours.

Kelly is fabulous and twisted in a conventional yet unconventional way.  She’s dark, indigo-hearted and perfect for wintry nights.

So, which polishes do you think made it into my Top 5 ????  And what are your favourites ?

Enjoy :)  xx

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