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Crumpet's Top 10 Polishes of All Time - Nos 5 to 1

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Hi Goddesses

So, last week we started counting down my Top 10 polishes of all time, and in typically cruel fashion, I started at 10 and …. Finished at 6 J

So, in a moment, we will go from 5 to …. 1 – NO PEEKING !!  But first, let me remind you of numbers 10 to 6.

10. SALLY HANSEN – Mystic Lilac
9.  OPI Planks A Lot
8.  China Glaze – MUMMY MAY I
7.  Sally Hansen – CONCRETE
6.  Zoya KELLY

So here we go … into the sweet meat …..

5.  DEBORAH LIPPMANN – Ruby Red Slippers

Wow, what a polish.  Ruby Red Slippers is now famous and much duped, but it’s important to remember how I GASPED the first time I saw it.  Until then, I’d had no idea that polish could be so magical, and it was this polish more than any other that persuaded me there was life beyond OPI and Zoya.

The formula is now famous – black jelly crammed with red glitter – large hex pieces and micro dots.  The finish is as breathtaking as ever.  No other polish represents the awe and magic of glitter as much as this one J

4.  OPI – Parlez Vous OPI - here

The first OPI I ever lost my heart to, PVO still has me under her spell.   Smoky before Caitlin and Kelly were a meta-twinkle in Zoya’s eye, this is pretty much the perfect colour – rich lilac grey, feathery and dusty, warm and cold.  It has that “what IS that” quality all great polishes have – quite simply, PVO is too haughty, serene and hot-damn beautiful to be categorised as a colour.  Nail polish as lifestyle choice starts here

3.  Deborah Lippmann LADY SINGS THE BLUES - here

There’s something very magical about a Lippmann, something that makes you feel very lucky to own it.  This particular piece of magic is a sublime navy jelly crammed with silver and lavender glitter.  It’s absolutely spellbinding.

I know many of you will rate Across The Universe much higher than LSTB, and it’s true, that one is glorious too.  But there’s just something about the depth of this one that carries me away.  It’s that rare thing, a dark polish that carries the light inside itself.  Beautiful to behold.

2.  OPI DS Original - here

Well, there had to be ANOTHER purple somewhere near the top, didn’t there ? lol.  If I’m totally honest, I still don’t think I have found THE purple to end all purples, so you know, with great burdensomeness, I will just have to wear a load more of my untrieds in the next few weeks J

Anyhow, let’s not rob DS Original of her moment of glory.  Holotastic.  I could end it there, but let’s not do her a disservice.  Original is a beautiful lilac-purple.  Delicate and dazzling in equal measure, it ups the volume when you get it in bright light, and dials it down in the shade.  It has more dazzle dust per nano-particle than any other thing on the planet, and is so gossamer thin and sheer that it’s like layering angel’s wings.

No other holo comes close to this.  Sure, some look better from a distance, or might be a prettier colour, but the first holo still cuts the deepest.  Every particle brings its own rainbow to the party; every droplet carries starlight; every brush stroke breathes magic.

1. GLITTER GAL – Red Sparkle Holo - here

Glitter Gal, how I love thee, and never more so than for creating this masterpiece, which took the majestic beauty of Red Holo and IMPROVED ON IT.

This is like wearing pure fire on your nails.  It’s glorious.  Bright, holtastic, light catching, this burns red, orange, yellow, and a whole host of other colours in between.

So, Glitter Gal RED HOLO SPARKLE.  Just to be clear, that means she is red.  And holo.  And she sparkles.  Red – holo – sparkle.  Red holo sparkle.  My.  If holo was my coke, I have just fallen off the wagon and found my heroin.

Seriously, look at her!!  She’s red.  Not just “mmm well I guess I could be red”, or “yeh, I’ll be red in a lame ass pinky way”. No.  This baby is R-E-D.  Red.  She has depth.  She has roots.  She has vibe.  She is deeply, plushly, boldly, brilliantly red.

Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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