Sunday, 27 November 2011

Holy Red Magnets! All Fired Up Red Magnetism by Fashionista

Red Magnetic Polish by FASHIONISTA

Hi Goddesses

Oooooh do I have a goodie for you right now!  I have been lemming some magnetic polishes for ages but man, they’re expensive!  Also, they tend to come in blue and green and grey, and they’re not my favourite colours.  But the MINUTE I heard there was a red – BAM, I was there (or rather Claire who kindly got it for me was).

So here we have it “red”.  The brand is called Fashionista which is a new UK brand (never heard of them before) and they are advertised by The Saturdays, a UK girl band, and luckily there are 5 girls, and 5 colours!

Now being quite a cack-handed Crumpet, I wasn’t sure whether I would get magnetic to work first time (I was soooo braced for disaster), but actually – ta dah!  There are a couple of weirdnesses tho –

The Weirdness List

* You only use 1 coat of polish
* The polish is quite thick, and you do need to put it on thick, which goes against most “colour within the lines” rules
* This brand has a magnetic that sits on top of the bottle.  You whip the pseudo lid off, and then there’s a curve on the side of the lid, which you rest just under the cuticle after you’ve painted your nail.
* You will notice my magnet is pristine.  Is that a lie Crumpet?  Oh yes yes yes lol.

I sooooo love this, and the run up to Christmas is the perfect time to be wearing it.  There’s a lot of cranberry and raspberry in this, and the magnetic swathes look like the marks you get in brushed velvet.  I also love how the bits that are paler look like they are lit from within – it’s *such* a neat effect.

This particular pattern is a wavy one, and I’ll need to check the other bottles to see if they are the same.  I’m really pleased with this first effort, but there are a couple of nails where only the middle has moved, and I need to perfect my hand-eye co-ordination to get round the corners!

1 final conundrum – this had NO instructions with it.  The bottle told me to go to the website, which was next to useless, so – how long are you supposed to hover the magnet for?  A few seconds ?  longer?  Some I held for 20 seconds, and they are definitely the ones with the darkest stripes, but who knows, maybe I didn’t need to hold it that long!

So I am in total love with this.  COULD.  NOT.  LOVE.  IT. MORE.  It’s bright, vibrant and has the wow factor, making it an easy 1 coater with impact!  Oh and I make noooooo apology for all the photo spam – hopefully it made you sigh and clap your hands with glee J

Magic J  enjoy xx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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