Saturday, 5 November 2011

I'm So Excited - More Nail Mail

Nails I Love


Hi Goddesses

Wow I have had some amazing nail mail this week.  At some point, I appear to have also become a swapaholic, but so far, I’m loving that addiction!

Here’s what arrived on my doorstep this week (oh and one package had the wrong name and wrong house number on, and my postman STILL knew it was polish for me!!  Lol).

Firstly, my swap with the gorgeous Elizabeth Stern, who has quickly become one of my most loved nail buddies.  She sent me the Wet n Wild ICE Collex in exchange for some Barry Ms – I cannot WAIT to dabble with these.

Another swap, with the lovely Laura Ki, who not only sent me 3 Essence topcoats – Dance, Rock and Love – but also taught me how to patch my nail J

My 3 Models Own purchases.  I wanted more from Beetlejuice, but had to settle for Aqua Violet and Purple Blue, and chose Tickled Pink for my 3rd (to save £5)

Some fabulous nail art pens and Nubar White Polka Dot.

An eBay pounce – 3 sets of Essence Twins – Bella & Edward, Chuck & Blair (who?) and Gabriella & Troy.

2 Glitter Gals – dark purple sparkle and silver

36 – yes 36! – amazing nail art pens from a German brand called Fraulein 38 – MEGA bargain

Some more Konad The Barbarian plates

Orly Oui and Androgynie (not pictured) and Urban Decay AC-DC

A random eBay win which included a Chanel, 2 Sally Hansen Magicals, some Barry Ms and other randoms.

And finally, possibly my coolest swap of all, from Tyra Marie.  It all started with a simple request from me for Studio M’s Slammin’ Red and somehow ended up in a cool deal – we would both go shopping for each other!  So Tyra got £20 worth of English goodies, and I got ALL this …….

4 Studio Ms

Vampire Blood hand gel (love it), 2 x LA Color glitters, a yellow/green mood changer and OWL’S NIGHT wooooo.  Or should that be, t-wit-t-wooooo?

4 striper pens

Wow, didn’t I do well ?  I feel very spoilt, especially from all my amazing swap partners.  There’s just something more special about a polish that arrived with love J

Enjoy xx J

Siiiiigh.  I Do Not Know Where To Start.  And I love that !!  Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to swatch I go …..

Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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