Saturday, 26 November 2011

Layering OPIs Pepes Purple Passion

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Hi Goddesses

It breaks my little heart that out of all the Muppets polishes I swatched, poor little Pepe was the loser.  She is the least viewed of all the posts, and no one seems to be singing her praises, which is a shame, because she’s not only a gorgeous colour, she’s a lifer – I can see myself wearing this for years to come.

So, this week I wore her again, and loved her even more, especially when I started layering her.  Let’s start with a reminder – Pepe’s Purple Passion is more of a burgundy than a purple.  There are deep brown tones to this, making it very autumnal.  Like it’s sisters, Animal-istic and Meep-Meep-Meep, this is flecked.  The difference with PPP is that the flecks are a lot lighter, rather than being just a variation of the tone of the polish.  So here you get a very browny purple with hushed fuschia flecks.

So far, so good, yes?  My biggest issue with Pepe was that she was very hard to spread around the nail, and was a very thick polish.  Well, some pixies must have been in the nail room when I wasn’t looking, because this time I had no application problems at all.  Weird.  Maybe she just needed more shaking, or time to settle in her new home, but this time she went on as you would expect.

What I had most wanted to do with Pepe was layer her to see how close she was to Merry Midnight when you put a flakie on top.  Well, nowhere near is the answer, mainly because the base colour was more dissimilar than I remembered.

The left hand is layered with Nubar 2010, one of my fave top coats.  She looked like an autumnal delight with this on, flashing yellow, gold, orange, bronze and green.  Absolutely gorgeous, and a look I’ll be wearing a lot.

Now, can you even guess what I layered the right hand with ?  This looked TOTALLY different – minute flakie pieces flashing all rainbow-like.  Look at how much cold blue and violet there is (unexpected win).  This was layered with OPI I Lily Love You and I cannot believe how it turned out – I had no idea Lily had so much blue in her.

2 things to note about layering Pepe – you instantly lose all her flecked charm, it totally disappears under the layer.  And secondly – can you *believe* that these are the same polish?  You might not be able to pick it up through the photos, but it looks like I am wearing different base polishes on each hand.  I actually love this, it’s like a super magical bonus J

Finally, a plea from our sponsor, The Crumpet – please like Pepe.  She is beautiful, deep, rich and gorgeous and does not deserve to be the least liked Muppet.  Ultimately, she’s a classic OPI colour, with a twist, and I love that now she can add versatility to her list of features.

Enjoy J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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