Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Water Marble - Purple Midnight Twilight

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Midnight Water Marble

Hi Goddesses

It’s Water Marble Monday (on a Tuesday, sorry I was poorly last night!)!!  They’re not happening quite as often as I’d like, but hey ho.

So this is a goodie I did a couple of weeks ago.  After Witches Water Marble which was intentionally “ugly”, I wanted to do something similar but beautiful, so I turned to my beloved purplishes.  I was adamant I wanted OPI Give Me The Moon in there to give it some shimmery grey, but eventually, it was quite hard choosing which purplish to use.

Finally I went with Zoya Pinta, Wet n Wild Ready to Pounce and the amazing Wet n Wild Buffy The Violet Slayer.  I absolutely LOVED this marble.  The colours blended beautifully, with the dark purple, brown-tinged purple and the electric purple swimming around with that amazing grey.

I also did LTHP’s favourite trick and used a top coat of Northern Lights Out The Door Holographic topcoat, and wow, it just added something extra, like stars twinkling at night.  This is so mysterious and magical for me – a true mani for the Witching Hour.  Loves!

I do think I’m quite lucky how this turned out.  If the purplishes had been less well chosen, all the impact would have been lost.  As it is, each purplish is distinct yet interwoven with the others.

As ever, I have a favourite nail or nails, and this time it’s the index and middle fingers on the LEFT hand, which is quite unusual.  The middle finger in particular looks quite galaxy-ish to me, like Saturn’s rings or something.

I still love water marbles, nerve-racking and tricky though they are.  There is something soooo beautiful about them, and this one, man I loved this one so much.

Enjoy xx J

Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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